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The Vision

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100 % organic and recycled materials

nay kid's line of clothing is only unisex because we believe that no one should be put into a category based on their gender and have mould into societies pressures. You are not judged here based on your religion, sexual orientation, gender, and race.

nay kid only works with materials that are organic or recycled. It's always been hard to find apparel that looks great but is not made in a fast fashion way. Here at nay kid, we produce slow fashion and works alongside companies that fit with our morals and beliefs.

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Producing a t-shirt with conventional cotton uses a total of 3,400 litres of water. Making it with organic cotton, on the other hand, uses only 1,500 litres. The cotton nay kid uses is sourced from India and goes through many stages before reaching here in Europe.

By using organic cotton, we avoid contaminating rivers and streams, as organic cotton farming does not use chemicals or insecticides.
The water used by organic farmers can continue its natural cycle without being polluted.

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100% vegan

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nay kid

Fair-wear means that the materials nay kid purchases are made by workers that have a safe working environment, no exploitation of child-labour, and have the choice to work. This is so important because there are thousands of big brands that do not work by these guidelines, and refuse to change.

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